Our Team

Environmental Management Australia

Alan Ginns – Director

Alan has over 25 years experience in recreation and open space, protected/natural areas, natural/cultural heritage, and environmental planning and management. This experience has been gained within both the public and private sectors. Complementing this extensive experience, Alan holds formal qualifications in town planning and natural resources.

Alan’s extensive experience includes over 20 years in a variety of planning and management roles with two national parks agencies – in New South Wales (NPWS) and the Northern Territory (CCNT and PWCNT) – with more than 10 years in senior or managerial roles within these organisations. Alan’s experience also includes earlier roles within a national planning consultancy as well as in local government.

Alan’s professional experience ranges from masterplans for major conservation and tourism developments to the preparation of statewide protected area network strategies, through resources surveys/reporting and environmental impact assessments, to plans of management for small reserves and open space areas or management regimes for individual visitor use sites.

Andrew Ginns – Director

Andrew has over 20 years experience in recreation and environmental planning and management. Andrew has held senior planning roles with three state conservation agencies, managed an environmental, recreation and open space planning team for local government and been a principal planner with an Australian multinational consultancy. Andrew’s expertise covers the areas of recreation planning, land management, reserve and environmental management and strategic land use planning. Andrew is experienced in the management of projects involving multi-disciplinary teams and the integration of a diverse range of inputs to achieve results meeting client, environmental and community needs.

Andrew has provided planning input to recreation, environmental and land management planning projects ranging from those with a strategic land use focus to those involving detailed assessments of specific recreational issues. He has a good understanding of the range of issues relevant to the use and management of recreation areas and environmental reserves, having prepared eleven Plans of Management for local government managed open space as well as numerous recreation specific studies and strategies.

In recent years Andrew has managed the Lands, Environmental and Cultural Heritage disciplines during major energy infrastructure construction projects throughout all mainland States of Australia.  A sample of projects he has been involved with include Jemena’s Northern Gas Pipeline (NT / Qld),  APA’s Yamarna Gas Pipeline (WA), Infigen’s Flyers Creek Windfarm (NSW), Windlab and Eurus’ Kennedy Energy Park (Qld – hybrid wind, solar and storage), Esso’s Longford Oil Pipline (Vic), Epic Energy’s QSN3 Gas Pipeline (Qld/SA) and APLNG’s Infield Pipeline Works Project (Qld).

Brett Rodgers – Principal Environmental Planner

Brett has over 20 years of environmental management experience, offering a balance of hands-on operational and environmental planning and management experience coupled with practical stakeholder and community consultation experience.

Since early 2010 Brett has served as Environmental Manager to numerous Gondwana Consulting clients during the construction of major infrastructure projects ensuring construction activities are in strict compliance with regulatory approvals.  Prior to joining Gondwana Consulting Brett worked in private practice – as Principal of Open Space Planning Services – involved in the provision of consultancy services to local governments with regard to the management of open space construction projects, environmental assessments and approvals for open space projects, the development of environmental management plans and advice on cost effective environmental management of projects.  For 9 years prior to this he filled a variety of open space management roles within local government requiring ongoing community and stakeholder consultation and involvement across a range of open space and construction projects.

Peter Stewart – Environmental Manager, Projects

Peter brings over seven years of environmental management experience on a range of significant infrastructure projects throughout the Australian mainland.  Since joining Gondwana Consulting in 2012 as an Environmental Advisor, Peter has progressed to his current position as Environmental Manager for our major clients.

Peter possesses a diverse range of environmental, construction and project management experience to draw on and apply across a range of situations.  He has advanced problem-solving skills and the ability to negotiate practical solutions while pursuing win-win outcomes for all parties.  Peter has proven leadership and liaison abilities, as well as a commitment to the environment and enhancing the environmental skills and awareness of others.

Pamela Fletcher – Landscape Architect (Associate)

Pamela has more than 30 years of practice in both the public and, mainly, the private sectors.  Pam has undertaken a wide variety of landscape projects where her strengths and experience include – producing concept plans, masterplans, detailed design plans, working drawings and documentation, vegetation management plans, site management specifications, and reports.  This has been chiefly for visitor use sites, parks and open space areas (in both modified or developed sites and natural settings) as well as for community facilities, civic and civil buildings, town centres or urban spaces, subdivisions and industrial developments.  Pam is highly skilled in site analysis and the identification of planning or design opportunities and constraints.