Environmental Management Services, QSN Link Pipeline Project

For Nacap Australia Pty Ltd

This project involved the provision of specialist services, in the role of Lands, Environment and Cultural Heritage Manager, to Nacap Australia during construction of the 184 kilometre QSN Link Pipeline Project on the borders of South Australia and Queensland.  The project traversed an area of significant biological, landscape and cultural heritage values in arid gibber, sand dune and channel country environments.

In the Environmental Manager role, Gondwana Consulting staff were responsible for environmental and cultural heritage management during the construction stage of the project and for preparation of the following Management Plans:

  • Construction Environmental Management Plan
  • Sewage Effluent Operational Management Plan and a Waste Management Operational Plan (for two major construction camps accommodating over 250 staff in a remote arid zone location);
  • Lands and Stakeholders Management Plan; and
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plan

Gondwana Consulting was also directly responsible for providing day-to-day on-ground environmental and cultural heritage protection/management advice during all aspects of the pipeline’s construction – including a monitoring and audit role.  We also managed the process of communication and consultation with landowners, local and state statutory authorities and other stakeholders.