Review of Commercial Recreation Licensing in Gosford Public Open Space

Gosford comm licences - 2013-10-02_13-45-10_247 - Copy

For Gosford City Council.

Gondwana Consulting undertook a comprehensive review of the management of commercial recreation licences within the public open space areas managed by Gosford City Council.

This project was carried out in 2013/14 through the on-site evaluation of existing commercial use locations, the determination of capacity and sustainable management assessment criteria and a review of strategic planning/management documents.  It aimed to review the regulation of commercial activities to ensure ecologically sustainable use and protection of public open space, equity of access and use, the safety and well being of the community, encouraging and active community, and the development of sustainable small businesses.  The project report included a matrix that clearly defined the appropriate number and type of licences that could be allocated to commercial recreation operators in the defined locations based on environmental, social and risk management factors.